February 17, 2018

Barbados Sightseeing - Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Once you enter through the gates of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, you are in the Animals' World. Most animals are compatible and free to travel where they please. You may find them anywhere as they go about their daily lives, so, as you walk along... take your time... look up... look down... look carefully amongst the bushes and the trees in the mahogany woods. In this tropical haven, exotic animals, reptiles and birds, some threatened with extinction and some disabled, thrive. It's a community devoted to man's love and respect for nature as well as to research and conservation. No day is like any other when you visit the Reserve, walk through the shady paths and discover for yourself! It is important that you move quietly. These animals are not tame, and unexpected noises may frighten them away from you. See their world with wider eyes, hear their world with wider ears. Listen to their sounds. Sit on a bench and see what passes you by... you may be surprised.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Farley Hill, St. Peter
Tel: (246) 422-8826