February 17, 2018

Barbados Sightseeing - Cherry Tree Hill

Approximately 850 feet above sea-level, in the hilly parish of St. Andrew lies Cherry Tree Hill, from which one of the most beautiful views on the island can be captured. Cherry Tree Hill overlooks the rugged Scotland District, the powerful Atlantic Ocean and the longest beach on the island - Cattlewash Beach. The name "Cherry Tree Hill" originated from the large number of cherry trees which once existed at this location. Today the road is lined with mahogany trees, which were introduced into Barbados after the Treaty of Paris in 1763. This view is a must for all visitors to the island: the magnificent view, combined with the fresh aromas of the sea help make this an almost religious experience.

Immediately after passing St. Nicholas Abbey going north to south when heading towards the East Coast.

Cherry Tree Hill
Boscobel, St. Andrew