February 17, 2018

Barbados Sightseeing - Flower Forest

Located in the heart of St. Joseph is the Flower Forest. This 50 acre attraction offers an explosion of greenery and commanding vistas of the island's stunning Scotland District. The owners aptly consider this attraction "a cross between a botanical garden and a nature trail", since you can take an hour or a day to leisurely stroll the Forest’s winding paths while eyeing a virtual wonderland of tropical flora. The paths are all amusingly named, and while you will never get lost, you might get confused as there are several short and long cuts coming off the main paths. Not to worry, as there is no time limit and no fixed way to travel through this forestland. Flower Forest has a main lobby with gift shop and a snack bar.

Flower Forest is tranquil and alive with the energy of living plant life. The sound of birds or the chattering of the green monkey, which inhabit Flower Forest and the surrounding area, only occasionally disturb the tranquility. Although the monkeys are wild they have become quite accustomed to our visitors and you are just as likely to see them along the roadside as you approach the entrance to Flower Forest. Who is watching who is more often the question!

Whether it is the sloping green grass, or the wild and dramatic lushness that calls out to you, feel free to step off the beaten paths and enjoy a relaxing stroll on the grass to get a closer look, feel or unexpected fragrance of all that nature has to offer. Benches are strategically located along the paths throughout Flower Forest for those who wish to soak up a view or relax in the tranquil atmosphere.

The following is a comment from our visitor book:

"If I owned Paradise and Flower Forest, I would rent Paradise and live in Flower Forest"

Come and visit us and see if you agree. Guided group tours can be arranged upon request. Wheelchair facilities and access are provided throughout, but please appreciate that the nature trails can be uneven and progress may be difficult. Walking sticks and umbrellas are also available.

Open 7 days a week, from 9 am - 5 pm
Admission: $7.00 USD Adults
$3.50 USD Children

Flower Forest of Barbados
Richmond, St. Joseph
Tel: (246) 433-8152
Fax: (246) 433-8365