February 17, 2018

Barbados Sightseeing – St. John’s Church

St. John's Church is a classic Gothic church situated on a cliff overlooking the picturesque East Coast and is one of the most handsome churches on the island. Dating back to 1836, with frangipani trees in the yard, the church’s double staircase of cedar leads to the organ gallery. The high-backed pews it houses are some of the island's best antiques. This church was built in 1836 to replace the previous church which had been destroyed by a hurricane in 1831.

In the Church Yard rests the remains of Ferdinando Paleologus, a descendent of Emperor Constantine the Great, whose family was driven from the throne of Constantinople by the Turks. Ferdinando died in Barbados in 1678, after being a resident here for over 20 years.

St. John's Church
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