February 17, 2018

Southeast Coast Beaches

The Southeast coast is home to the most magnificent and exotic beaches on the island. We are told by experienced Caribbean travelers that these beaches are some of the best in the entire Caribbean. Just ask the British Royal Family, Marriott Family, Siemens Family, Johnson Family, and the Billionaire Owner of the Ottawa Senators who all share this treasured coastline. The southeast coast of Barbados is marked with stunning bays having white and pink sand beaches and high cliffs on either side. The coastline that stretches from Little Bay to Palmetto Bay has over a dozen breathtaking beaches that are within a few minutes drive. Two are within walking distance from Little Bay House. Relax under a palm tree, gaze into the aqua sea, and breathe the constant cooling trade winds with nothing to pollute them as they roll across the ocean 3000 miles from the distant African coast. Here are our beaches: