February 20, 2018

Southeast Coast Beaches - Foul Bay

A mere 12 minute walk from Little Bay House is magnificent Foul Bay, with towering cliffs at both ends. Do not let the name scare you; this beach is anything but foul. From above, walk down an impressive set of steps carved out of coral stone to enter the beach. Stroll under the exotic trees and flora near the cliffs and one would imagine you are entering the Garden of Eden. As you emerge from the umbrage, the sunny beach awaits offering soft, white sand and warm aqua waters. This incredible beach is over 2 miles long and great for walking, running, and exercise. It is also great for swimming and is one of the best boogie boarding beaches in Barbados. There is a road entrance from the far side with a parking lot, outdoor shower, and bathroom just off the beach. Under the trees is a dramatic picnic spot with numerous tables. Bring lunch and spend part of your day exploring this beach. This is one spot not to be missed!