February 20, 2018

Southeast Coast Beaches - Crane Beach

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous named it "One of the Ten Best Beaches in the World"! The oldest operating hotel in the Caribbean, the Crane Beach Hotel (1867), is situated at the top of the cliff. Snuggle your feet in the soft powder pink sand and overlook a splendid sea with its never-ending scope of blues. Relax as a tall coconut grove sways in the tropical breeze and a golden Caribbean sun helps to make this beach the ultimate paradise. Protected by a natural coral reef, Crane Beach offers some of the best swimming waters on the island of Barbados. The shore has a gentle descent from shallow to deep and is also soft on your feet as there are no shells, stones or coral underneath. You might see turtles swimming along the outer perimeters. The hotel charges non-residents to access the beach, however if you would like to stay for lunch or drinks, the $6 charge will be applied to your bill. The hotel's captivating Roman pool perched on a cliff has been the backdrop for countless fashion magazine layouts. The panoramic L'Azure restaurant and bar enjoys a fantastic view of the beach and ocean and features live entertainment. There is also a free public entrance to the beach on the far side accessible by car.