February 17, 2018

Barbados Activities - Surfing

Barbados is a true surfer's paradise. Being the eastern most Caribbean island, this allows waves to travel thousands of miles from most directions before reaching our shores. Barbados has spectacular coral reefs and a few sand breaks. There are largely varied surfing conditions all over the island, ranging from beginner to advanced.

The East Coast of Barbados is the premier surf spot as far as power and size of waves are concerned. The "Soup Bowl" at Bathsheba is internationally recognized in the surfing world and is by far the most travelled surf spot in the Caribbean. This is where Kelly Slater impressively made his comeback onto the world tour of pro surfing in 2002. Slater has made it known that because of its quick, clean, powerful swells, the Soup Bowl of Barbados is his favorite surfing spot on the globe.

The West Coast of Barbados is a lot calmer and when it has waves it can produce very clean, head high, left-point breaks. Duppys and some other breaks in the northwest can live up to Hawaiian standards easily, other breaks on this coast are Maycocks, Tropicana, Gibbs, and Batts Rock.

Along the South coast of Barbados are the best beginner/intermediate surf breaks. This is where you can surf all day and if it gets too small, it is only a 30 minute drive to Bathsheba. Surf breaks on the south coast are Surfers Point, South Point, Freights Bay and Brandons.

Zed's Surfing Adventures is our recommended operator for surfing in Barbados. Their surf tours cater to all types and they have the right surf equipment for all conditions you could hope to surf. Surf tours are suited for the better beginner to intermediate surfer who is interested in learning where the surf spots are and possible dangers that they could encounter at these breaks. They do two types of tours.

(1) 4 hour – Morning time set at 7am and runs for 4 hours, Drinks and light snack included. The surf guide would have already known where is going to be the best spot that day.

(2) Full day – Morning pick up at 7am, returns at 5.30 pm , Lunch, water, and soft drinks included. The surf guide would have already known where is going to be the best spot that day.

PRICES (per person)

4 Hour – $150 USD (group) $225 USD (private)

Full day – $250 USD (group) $350 USD (private)

Zed's Surfing Adventures
Inch Marlow, Christ Church
Tel: (246) 428-7873
Cell: (246) 262-7873