February 20, 2018

South Coast Beaches - Enterprise Beach

This wide expanse of beach is rarely crowded during the week, but is a popular spot among Barbadians on the weekends and public holidays. Also known as Miami Beach, you can rent beach chairs, large umbrellas and boogie boards from local vendors and enjoy snacks (including hot dogs and sumptuous local fish cakes) and drinks from vendors. There are several picnic benches where you can enjoy your meal and cool off in the shade. The sea in this area is quite flat but occasional swells add excitement to the sea-bathing here. (You should avoid bathing near the cliffs, especially at high tide). For your safety there is also a lifeguard on duty. If you visit this beach when the tides are right, you can also find a wonderful collection of sea-shells and time can slip away as you start sifting through them!