February 17, 2018

Patios Gallery

Little Bay House offers four clay tiled patios and balconies. On the ground level there is a 40 X 6 front patio running the length of the house. Four Grecian columns support 2 private bedroom balconies above. They each measure 10 X 6 and are surrounded by white Grecian pedestals. All three front patios receive invigorating ocean breezes and shade from noon until dusk.

From the rear bedroom, there is a large elevated balcony overlooking the pool with a staircase leading down to a large enclosed patio. This balcony is perfect for relaxing in the sun and beautiful at night with the glowing pool below.

The pool patio is perfect for lounging, sipping on drinks, and grilling tasty steak and fish dinners. Double French doors allow access to the sunroom where you can control your favorite music. Three outdoor speakers allow you to listen by the pool and relax the day away.